Party Planning, Book Early!

Book the date early to avoid disappointment.

Party Planning – Popular Dates

If there was one thing entertainment professionals wish they could do, it would be the ability to clone ourselves!! The reason? Because 10-20 times in the year there a super popular dates. Those dates when everyone wants to book your for their child’s Birthday party. These are the dates that you receive 50 enquiries for, yet the very next day…….nothing! That is why it is worthwhile doing some party planning early.

I have done a little research into the most and least popular dates for Birthdays and all those in between. I know that least popular are Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day, but they are all no brainers! But after these dates, when are the busy times of the year. In contrast, when are the times when the midwifes put the kettles on and their feet up? Well its no real surprise to most that in last and penultimate places are January and February. After all, who wants to even be setting a toe outside of the duvet, let alone night feeds!

Party Planning When Then Things Get Busy!

Next is March, April and November, in these three months November 12th is the only date where the daily number of births exceeded 1850. In May, things are picking up nicely, especially towards the end of the month. Then we jump back into a winter month for December. June has six dates where there have been over 1900 births recorded on a day. In August that increases to 11 days and in July, it jumps to 25! In the runner up position we have October, where there are four days with 1900+ births. But in pole position we have September, where every day from the 17th to the 30th, have in excess of 1900 births.

If it where just birthdays that entertainers had to cater for, I think we would probably manage. However, you also need to factor in Weddings, Christenings, Bar Mitzvah’s and during the summer months, all the summer fairs. In addition, a lot of Companies make bookings for events like employee fun days, advertising and promotional events.

Spooky Times!

Then there is the all out busiest time of the year for face painters……..can you guess what it is???? If you guessed Halloween, then you guessed correctly. If your child has a birthday in the last week of October, you need to think about making that booking at least couple of months in advance. However, if you really want to ensure that your favourite artist will be available, you need to possibly think up to a year in advance, as the big corporate bookers will do this also!

Book Early!

This leads me onto how to save yourself the disappointment of finding out that the artist you wanted to book is already busy. If you know the date that you want to hold the party/special event on, book your artist as soon as you can. Most entertainers work on booking their diaries 3 months in advance, but if your date falls in one of the busy months, then then book even earlier! Suzi Q Balloons is happy to take bookings in advance for a £20 retainer. This means that the date and time is booked out in her diary for your special event and no one else can book her. Then the balance of the booking amount is payable on the day. But this means that you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that one of the trickiest bits of party planning is all sorted.

Photo by Plush Design Studio from Pexels