Photo Gallery

Welcome to Suzi Q’s balloon modelling and face painting photo gallery. You can see below just a few examples of Suzi Q’s balloon modelling and face paints that she is happy to be able to offer on jobs. As you can see, Suzi Q likes to offer more than the one balloon dog, or just a few painted flowers on a face!

However, she has made hundreds of different balloons and painted thousands of faces over the past 7 years. So to view further examples of Suzi Q’s work, please visit Instagram. You can also see more of Suzi Q’s work by looking at the photo gallery on her Facebook page. Also, give the page a like whilst you are there. This will allow you to keep up with any events that Suzi Q may be attending in the future.

A plea for more pictures for Suzi Q’s Photo Gallery.

Suzi Q is always so in demand. Making her fantastic balloons and face painting all those faces, keeps her so busy! As a result, she finds it extremely difficult to stop to take pictures that can be used for promotional purposes. So she would really love to have some more “on the job” photos to be able to show everyone. Therefore, if you have taken any photos that you would be happy to share, please do send them to Suzi Q. This can be done by e-mail, text, whatsapp, or by adding them to the Suzi Q Balloon Modelling and Face Painting Facebook page or Instagram page.

If you have a special theme for your party or event and would like to know if Suzi Q can make a particular balloon model or create a specific face paint, please do contact her using the contact form on the homepage. Given a little bit of notice, Suzi Q can usual come up with designs to suite any given theme.

Based in Shepperton, Surrey, U.K.
Professional Balloon Modeller & Face Painter for parties and events.
Telephone: 07758 195259

Latex balloons are biodregradeable