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Balloons For Parties

The cost of decorating a party with party balloons

When planning a party, most people will think about ordering some balloons to decorate the venue. But you may have had a shock when you enquired about the price. This is because the cost of helium is becoming more and more expensive due to a shortages of the gas.

But in addition to the expense of helium, it is also worth thinking about the environmental impact helium balloons. Mylar foil type balloons are recyclable, but they are not biodegradable. Plus, you need to take them to a centre that is able accept them for recycling. Not all centres will accept them. Furthermore, the curling ribbon used to tie the balloons is also not recyclable. An environmental swap out is to buy raffia ribbon which is recyclable (here is a link to some I found on Amazon –

But there is an alternative!

An alternative to using helium balloons is to use balloon modelled centrepieces made of 100% biodegradable latex balloons. Suzi Q Balloons can make the most amazing bespoke balloon art. Previous commissions include pieces for Baby showers, Christenings and Birthday parties. She has made many different character balloons, favourite animals and event a giant beer glass. In fact, given a little notice, she can create almost anything from a balloon.

Add in the fact that people love to take selfies or group shots alongside themed balloons. They help to create memories that really makes your party stick in peoples heads. They will really help to create a WOW!! factor. Having been used so much, helium balloons have now become the norm!

Furthermore, when the party has ended, the balloons can also be taken home to continue being enjoyed. If kept away from direct sunlight and radiators, they will probably last a week. But kept in the right environment, they can go on for months! Most noteworthy is that when they have gone down, they can be put in the bin. Because latex balloons will decompose at the rubbish tip.

Prices for each piece will be based on the cost of the raw materials (i.e. the balloons) and the length of time necessary to research and create the piece. Some designs may also require certain types of balloon which Suzi will not have in stock. So additional time may be need to order the balloons. Also, there may be additional delivery costs incorporated in a price.

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Latex balloons are biodregradeable
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