Bespoke Balloon Art

Suzi Q can make pre made bespoke balloon art. As you can see from the gallery below she has made balloons to fit with many different themes. Whether it be a particular animal, character or perhaps even a specific film! If you want to impress, then balloon art is a sure fire way of doing so!

Bespoke balloon art creates a real WOW factor in contrast to the bog standard helium balloons that have become the norm! They are great for parties, baby showers, weddings and make really unique gifts. Certainly, they draw HUGE ATTENTION, so are perfect for any kind of promotional event.

An additional benefit with balloon art is that when it is finished with at a party or event, it can still be taken home to be enjoyed. Suzi Q has received many messages from previous clients to say that the balloons are still going strong many weeks after they were first used!

Most noteworthy is the fact that balloon art, is made from 100% rubber latex, so it is completely biodegradable. When you have finished with the balloon, you only have to pop it and put in the bin.

Research and the creation of the balloons can take some time. Therefore, if you are considering ordering a balloon from Suzi Q, please order with as much notice as possible.

The price of the balloon art is based on the cost of materials. Also, the time it takes to research the balloon and then make it. Please use the contact form on the homepage if you would like to discuss with Suzi Q the possibility of having some bespoke balloon art made.

Bespoke Balloon Art Gallery

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Latex balloons are biodregradeable