Balloon Modelling

Balloon Modelling by Suzi Q
Suzi Q with in her instantly recognisable black and white chequered costume

Suzi Q has been balloon modelling since 2013. She is a very experienced balloon modeller with hundreds of previous bookings and happy clients.

Balloons are always extremely popular at parties and events. Suzi Q’s balloon art is always a great crowd pleaser, making it perfect for any event, private or corporate!

Children love balloons, but adults are equally fascinated by balloon modelling. In fact, on the job Suzi Q is asked for a twisted balloon by adults almost as much as by the kids. For that reason, balloon modelling can be considered for all kinds of events and occasions.

Furthermore, balloons are an excellent attraction to draw people into stands at exhibitions and fairs because they are so big and colourful. Likewise, they are perfect for grabbing peoples attention and then also keeping them at the stand, so you can talk to them whilst a balloon is made.

Balloon Modelling Menus

We all know that sometimes children find it difficult to choose. Likewise, people sometimes just like something to look at. Therefore, Suzi Q uses menus which show examples of the balloons that can be made. Here is an example of one of her menus.

Quick Balloon Modelling Menu from Suzi Q Balloons.

Now you’ve seen the menus Suzi Q offers, why not visit the photo gallery page to see some of the real life balloon models she has made.

Scraps of balloon are considered to be a strong choking hazard. For that reason, unsupervised children under the age 3 will not be given a balloon. Similarly, if Suzi Q sees a child putting a child putting a balloon in its mouth she will stop them from doing so. Above all she wants children to be happy and safe. So please do not leave your young child unsupervised with a balloon!

Finally, if you want to try balloon modelling for yourself, then Suzi Q would recommend that you buy quality balloons and a pump. Certainly, try and avoid the balloon modelling kits that can be bought in the supermarkets and toy stores. Due to their poor quality, they can provide a very frustrating experience and quickly put you off! For that reason, Suzi Q recommends Graham Lee of Balloon Art Wholesale who can provide you with all that is necessary to start balloon modelling.

Based in Shepperton, Surrey, U.K.
Professional Balloon Modeller & Face Painter for parties and events.
Telephone: 07758 195259

Latex balloons are biodregradeable